Approval Letter

Your Cannabis Approval letter.

Unfortunately, recent events have made it clear that the Federal Government wishes to accelerate its actions to limit the availability of the medicinal cannabis, which has been extremely  valuable and life-saving to some.  This, despite the fact that California state law, established by proposition 215, allows for individual medicinal use and for the patient to use a  provider to help with obtaining the cannabis (collectives).

All doctors who are Licensed to practice medicine and write prescriptions may write ‘cannabis letters’.  Doctors are able to furnish documents ( aka “cannabis letters”) which attest to the fact that ‘this patient  has a condition for which they believe medical cannabis may be of help”.

The right to write this approval was established by a ruling of the ninth  circuit court several years ago where it was established that the letter did not constitute “aiding or abetting” and therefore did not constitute a Federal Crime.

(This  right to provide medical cannabis letters  was upheld because of the fact that the first amendment grants doctors the right to say what they believe is  true to a patient and to,  by necessity, document  this belief in the patient’s medical record.)

Thus, if a physician believes ( by either what he or she is told by the patient, previous experience, scientific evidence or published finding in the area)  that cannabis may be of help to a patient, he or she may say this to the patient while documenting it in the medical records.

Because of the HIPAA ( Health Information Portability and Accountability  Act) laws of 1996, which gives patients a right to obtain a copy of their records, patients may have a copy of the approval documentation, usually present in the form of a letter.

Collectives (aka dispensaries) which sell medical cannabis now accept the doctor’s documents (aka “letters of approval”) from doctors offices which indicate that the patient , after being evaluated, has met some criteria for the approval of the use of medical cannabis.

Once a patient has received a letter for medical cannabis use, they may legally, under California law, purchase cannabis through a number of dispensaries which are located, for the time being anyway, throughout the city of LA.