About Dr. Paoletti

It was really quite by surprise that I became involved with the medical cannabis movement. In fact sometimes I look back upon the last several years with true amazement.  I have been repeatedly impressed by the science and the clinical improvements related to cannabis. The following will explain a little, I hope, the transition that I experienced and why I do both a traditional and cannabis practice today.

My  education was traditional in every way.  I first obtained an  undergraduate education at UC Irvine with an emphasis first in engineering and later in psychobiology and neurobiology.  After 7 years of research in comparative endocrinology and physiology at a variety of locations ( Harbor-UCLA, California State University at Fullerton and UC Berkeley), I ventured into medicine attending UCI medical school and UCLA residency as a board certified physician.

After 15 years of solo practice,  I stumbled upon the medical cannabis  world, quite through accident. A skeptic at best, I originally knew very little about its so called benefits. Yes, I believed that it helped those with severe nausea and low appetite; however, the full extent of its value escaped me until one day, on a ‘field trip’ to a local cannabis letter-writing clinic as a visiting physician ( long story), I became completely sold on the validity of its use.

I remember seeing one elderly woman ( in her late 70′s) whose fingers were so deformed by a long-standing arthritis that she could hardly use them. She had been using topical cannabis to relieve the pain for most of her life. She had just been released from a Federal Prison for being convicted of growing a single plant in her back yard 5 years earlier. After her release, she had decided to come to California where she could live out the rest of her life using her medication without fear of further punishment. She was only one of many with such crazy stories.

Since that time, I have continued to evaluate patients and write letters where appropriate. I have never ceased to be amazed at the immense variety of actions that the cannabis plants possesses.

Our office is situated in Santa Monica, our office phone number is 310 319 6116.  My staff are friendly and trained to help you determine if you are a candidate for an evaluation. They will help you get started on the road to getting help. The forms needed for a visit to the office are in the forms sections of this site.