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Christine Paoletti, MD

Christine Paoletti, MD

For those who qualify, my staff and I at Cannadvise give letters of approval for use of Medical cannabis (marijuana)  in a quiet, private, pleasant atmosphere.

Visits are generally filled with information and insight which most,  if not all,  find fascinating.  She is a trained specialist in Cannabis Medicine who has practiced medicine for 25 years in Santa Monica, with privileges at St John’s Hospital. Previously a, Board Certified Physician, Scientist, Member of Society for Cannabis Clinicians, and the American Association of Cannabis Medicine, with experience in teaching both at the at the university as well as the Hospital.

She now focuses her practice on the integration of all specialties which gives her a more comprehensive sense of your disease process. She works to  decide how all the aberrant systems in a body combine with  genetics and poor lifestyle habits to unfortunately result in a unique set of symptoms which underlie an illness, something often neglected in this now  myopic, specialty-oriented world of medicine.

Dr. Paoletti’s methods of practicing medicine allow her to  focus on finding general trends of health and wellness as well as a general awareness of the interactive nature of the body’s systems.  Her treatment protocols  include both traditional and alternative medical methods, always, however, based on sound science as a basis for her decision-making.

Trained in areas of engineering, psychology, medicine, sleep medicine, general physiology, endocrinology, female and male hormone replacement, this broad array of skill lends itself to having almost an intuitive awareness of one’s illness.  It provides the basis for her approach to people and their illness. She is able to give you a broad perspective on your illness and explain the many systems in your body which have joined to produce the symptom set with which you are blessed.

Dr. Paoletti’s information that you  may just give you some more insight into your disease as well as any  alternative medicine methods of treating your problem.  Information that you may not have before considered.   Alternatively, for those who already “know it all”, she will not bore you unnecessarily.  She can simply give you a letter of approval after determining your suitability.

  • new ‘daytime cannabis’ with no effect on memory.
  • avoid anxiety and pain , and finally get  good solid sleep
  • help avoid  bad reactions and how to reverse them
  • chose the right medical cannabis ( marijuana) for you
  • chose among the different ways to self administer
  •  understand CBD (the type of cannabis which gives you help without temporary memory impairment.
  • learn about the cancer fighting properties of cannabis.
  • how to know or test for exactly what you are ‘getting’
  • The different types of cannabis available
  • The spray bottle, tincture method, topical and vapor method
  •  How the laws work

Call our office ( 310 319 6116) for information on obtaining an evaluation for medical cannabis; contact us at the following location soon to learn about its safety and to gain safe access if you qualify .

Phone: 310 319 6116

Fax: 310 319 6116

Emai: info.drpaoletti@gmail.com

Location: 1304 15th street #405, Santa Monica, CA, 90404